Solveigh Greater China

Investment banking services for inbound and outbound China M&A

Solveigh Greater China is an independent investment banking advisory firm specializing in proprietary cross border strategic Mergers & Acquisitions.

Solveigh Greater China advises on:
  • Chinese buy side advisory for China Overseas Outbound Investments
  • Western sell side advisory for Foreign Direct Investments & Acquisitions in China
  • China related Mergers & Acquisitions
  • China related Joint Ventures
  • Strategic development and local support
  • Private Placements, Equity and debt structuring, Business scans, Due Diligence, Valuation, Technology transfer, Licensing Deals and Sourcing related to China

Investment banking China based on exclusive M&A transactions

Our approach is different from the usual investment banking landscape. We focus on developing and completing exclusive and proprietary transactions. We prefer not to be in, or manage auctions. Our preference is a targeted and exclusive approach. Based on a long history and solid understanding, we try to build across industries and markets and we initiate transactions which could fit strategically in the growth strategy of our clients. Our transactions are quality deals and we always bear in mind the longer term, so that we can build sustainable value from a strategic perspective.

Outbound and inbound investments with a professional team and network

Solveigh has a unique and professional team with access and experience in China and global markets. Solveigh has extensive global relations with partners in over 50 countries, each of them leading in their markets. In addition, we work with industry partners in a variety of sectors. Many of our transactions are developed and completed in close cooperation with our partners. We work on the basis of mutual trust and shared values ensuring that everything we do is effective and compliant with professional standards.